Build Strong Marriages

Marriage & Money is a series of seminars and conferences being run across Australia.  

Seminar Option:  Our seminar is a 1.5 hour session designed to help you with the core building blocks of marriage & money.  It will be a powerful time of biblical wisdom that you can apply directly to your situation.

Conference Option: The conference is an all-day Saturday workshop .

What You'll Learn

We aim to provide some practical ways to prevent money from pulling you apart,  and bring you closer together and closer to God.


Brett & Kate Ryan

Alex Cook

Brett was a Critical Care nurse for 15 years with majors in Accident and Emergency and Intensive Care.  Then a Children’s Pastor for 12 years.  Brett commenced his role as CEO at Focus in 2013. 

Kate was a teacher for 25 years, in both primary and secondary school. Specializing in gifted children and special needs. 

They love speaking together and are passionate about all things parenting and marriage.

Kate and Brett have been married for 33 years and they have 3 young men, 3 beautiful daughters in law, and 3 grandchildren. They love spending time with their family, all sports and playing board games. Brett’s aim is to complete a Sudoku without looking up the answers.  

Alex is the founder of Wealth with Purpose and the CEO of financial planning firm, Livingstone Wealth Management.  

Alex has advised individuals and their families on how to manage their finances for over 20 years. Alex’s passion is for people like you to take control of their finances and future, live generously and to glorify God with what you have.

You can listen to Alex on Christian radio stations across Australia each week.

Alex is married to Sandra and they have four young children.

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Since 1993, Focus on the Family Australia has been helping Australian families and communities through radio broadcasts, preventative education programs, seminars, counselling and a wide range of resources for families. 

Focus on the Family Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that offers relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life, regardless of their religion, politics, socioeconomic status, culture or age.

Wealth with Purpose is a stewardship ministry that aims to help Christians become financially healthy by applying God’s word to their finances.  

Wealth with Purpose provides a wide range of resources to individuals and Churches to help them apply a biblical approach to their money.  These resources include webinars, radio programs, courses, podcasts and videos.