Marriage & Money

Marriage is the most amazing and challenging relationship we have in our lives! Many couples believe they would have a better marriage if their money issues would just go away. The truth is, we need to apply biblical principles to both our marriage and our finances – it is the only sure cure for financial concerns! This course will help you to manage money as a couple the way God intended for you.


Date Nights to Strengthen Your Marriage

It’s inevitable. The busyness and cares and responsibilities of life have a way of pulling you away from investing your time in what’s important. But it’s crucial that you carve out time for fellowship, familiarity, and fun with the one you love.


Marriage & Money Past Webinar

Financial stress is so common in families today and can place enormous strain on relationships. In partnership with Focus on the Family Australia, this free 60-minute webinar will explore that money is God's idea. He wants to bless you as a couple and family to fulfil His calling on your lives.